Meet Talli

I am the mother of 11 children. (one birth at a time) My husband is also an educator and shares the same love for children and dislike of TV. I worked throughout my child-rearing years part-time as a kindergarten teacher to 4-year-old boys and eventually a preschool coordinator of 2 centres. In 2006, I was the recipient of the Fisher Price Australian Family Childcare Director of the Year Award which recognized my work in this field and proved to me the importance of doing something you are passionate about.

I continue to run parenting workshops, professional development for schools, childcare centres and private coaching with a particular emphasis on effective behaviour management strategies.

More recently, I have trained to be a life coach because over my years of experience working with children and families, I know that to be the best parent you can be, you need to fill your own bucket before you fill others.

“It’s important that your child gets the message that it’s not them but the behaviour you don’t approve of”

Make mine a mensch

Do you want to raise a happy well-adjusted, resilient child?

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