Make Mine a Mensch – the book

The recent launch of Make mine a Mensch is the culmination of over 30 years of research and practice in both the field of education and parenting. The book was born out of an increasing realization that parents and educators alike want real down-to-earth strategies and direction from people who have ‘been there done that” and not something based on idealism, politically correct theories or popular trends. Most importantly you will find the book is written in a language straight from the heart.

I can attest to the fact that parenting is the arguably the hardest job in the world

Now, I to want to help give you the ingredients to get the recipe right

Do you want to know the secret to raising happy, well-adjusted, confident and respectful children?

“Make Mine a Mensch” is not just a book but what is aimed to become a movement which recognises that “our children are our future” and nothing is of greater importance than raising a mensch – a happy, well-adjusted resilient child who possesses a strong self-identity, respects himself and others and most essentially his parents.

Part 1 The Mensch Blueprint

The pyramid of effective parenting, Parenting together – same team, different style, The gift of values, Parenting style – who’s boss?

Part 2  Mensch under Construction

Building relationships, Understanding the communication process, Assertive communication, Great expectations, Understanding the goals of misbehavior

Part 3 The Mensch Mandate

Rules, consequences, Dare to discipline, Putting theory into practice, From Zero to hero.


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